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Please add a mobile app for andorid

Should we add an android app? Please vote!

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    AdminJames Titus (Co-Founder, GTD Next) shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    started  ·  AdminJames Titus (Co-Founder, GTD Next) responded  · 

    July 29th, 2015: Work is underway (and has been for quite a while now) on our mobile apps.

    It is slow progress, due to our small number of resources and also wanting to continue to make progress on the web version.

    The first version we launch will focus on providing an outline view that can be filtered to show your actions by different views.

    From there we will start to iterate on mobile adding more and more features.

    We will update you all when we are ready for a few people to try it and give us feedback.


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      • MollyWater commented  · 

        So, bro, whats up since 2014? Is App anyway near?

      • KEvans commented  · 

        The last admin post was over two years ago. Where is this at now?

      • John Milos commented  · 

        Better input capabilities for the mobile app whether web or device based. I used to-do matrix (rex wireless) on my blackberry till I had to retire it. Nothing comes close to their app.
        Gtdnext is my current choice but I need to edit/add away from my computer.
        I will keep using it... Waiting patiently and will likely upgrade to the premium in the not too distant future.

      • Atanu Gayen commented  · 

        I have just started using your web app and I must say I am very impressed with your work. I started with Todoist but am now trying to migrate to your app because of its faithful implementation of the GTD system, which is what I require now.

        I wanted to buy the premium subscription, but the lack of an android app is a dealbreaker for me. Absolutely essential are the features of (offline) data capture on-the-go with sync, and a quick view of the various lists to be able to check items off. The web version is just way too clumsy to use on a mobile.

        I kindly request you to get started on providing a basic android app as soon as possible, which will be valuable to many users, and will surely expand your user base exponentially.

      • Дмитрий Пищанецкий commented  · 

        Web version looks great! But I have to use doit.im pro version, even though it is awkward in many ways. I use it just because they have Android version. If there is any way to be notified when the Android version of GTDnext comes up - that would be great.

      • John Smith commented  · 

        When I first arrived at GTDNext 18 months ago not having a mobile app that would work off-line was a total deal-breaker for me.

        However a year of experimentation later (mostly on MLO) I have changed my tune. Yes, a mobile app would be incredibly useful - if only to browse my tasks - however given the limited resources of GTDNext, I would much prefer a really slick web application.

        Fwiw, although MLO is almost insanely configurable and although it seems amazing in many way, and although it has new shiny apps for both Android and Apple, the crunch problem is that it's database structure is profoundly flawed. And when your GTD lists get into the hundreds things become extremely unwieldy no matter how you set things up.

        Personally I feel that there a number of small-ish tweaks to the GTDNext web application that would help dramatically, and so I would now vote for development to focus on the web application.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Are there any updates regarding Android and Apple? I use all three platforms and need to access and use GTDNext seemlessly on all three.


      • James McCormick commented  · 

        I've been searching for a new GTD app and wanted to check out GTDnext before committing to DoIt.im. The web app looks amazing, but offline access and ability to add new tasks on Android is a requirement for me. When should I check back for an update?

      • Nikolai M commented  · 

        Please make sure the android app is also compatible with android tablet format. This will help me justify the Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablet that I spent way too much for and find a I don't really use much.

        P.S. I'm quite sure once this goes mobile you user based will grow exponentially. When I show people the web version they are very impressed but reluctant to buy once they find out it has no mobile interface.

      • Mark commented  · 

        Hi James, thanks for updating us on the status of the Android app. I'm not sure if you can answer us yet, but what minimum supported version of Android do you plan on making the app for?

      • M Martin commented  · 

        This is THE best gtd app....if it was available on android I'd buy it. But at the minute I can't even access it via the web as it just hangs forever. Transparency makes all the difference....so any detailed discussion of the situation would restore faith. Thanks for the great work so far.

      • Roneil Sivanandan commented  · 

        When is the planned release of the Android app? I left GTDNext for a few months coz it is anchored to my desktop and I carry my phone. Came back and still no Android app. very disappointed.

      • Dmitry Surkis commented  · 

        Hi James, Dev team,

        I would be really happy if the development of Android app was more transparent... I have been paying for the app for 6 month, just because I believe in you guys. And don't still use the app the way I expect to. I need to be able to review the list of my tasks anywhere. It is nearly impossible to check the task list from my phone.

        Please respect this credit, and update us all on progress.


      • Julie Wills commented  · 

        Like many others, I can't even consider GTD Next without a syncing offline-capable Android (or Andorid, sic) app.

        James, it's 6 months since your last post. How is the planning/implementation progressing?

      • PierceHome commented  · 

        If possible, it would be nice if the entries with scheduled dates would show on the default android calendar.

        Perhaps it would be a good idea to show incomplete entries with due dates on the calendar as well.

      • Felipe Grisi commented  · 

        You should definitely add a mobile app and not only for Android. That's the only reason I'm not using GTDNext!

      • Jason Turan commented  · 

        Maybe you could consider making your web interface mobile friendly instead of a native app for each platform? That would probably be easier to create and maintain.

      • Marc-André Souvignier commented  · 

        On the Laptop, the Interface is very sleek and I absolutely like the functionality. Much better than hyped ToDoist who obviously did not have GTD in the back of their heads when designing their app... An android app would be great!

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