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How do I export actions out of GTDNext?

Question:  How do I export actions out of GTDNext?
Answer:   There are two ways to export actions out of GTDNext.

Method 1:  To copy all items
  • To export all items need to go to the "cog" menu in the top right hand corner of the screen
  • Click the cog and select "export all" from the menu
  • A dialog box will appear with all your items.  
  • You can select the button to show completed items if needed.
  • Highlight the portion of the outline you wish to copy.
  • Choose copy (CTRL+C) or right click copy
  • Paste the results into the program of your choice 
Method 2: To copy a single item
  • Open up the Action Details pane (the right pane)
  • Select the action you want to export
  • Press the export button at the bottom corner of the Action Details pane.
  • Highlight and copy the text you wish to export

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