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Usability FAQ

Usability Questions from users are turned into FAQ items to help other users.

Q: I have a very long-term project, and my next action on it doesn't occur until six months from now.  How can I remove a next action from my next action display until I need to see it 6 months from now?
You can remove the item from your next list by making it a "scheduled" item.  To do that you go into the edit panel and click on the scheduled button to move the item to your scheduled list.  Then click the start date box and enter in the date you want the item to appear back on your next list. 

Q: I have deleted all my actions.  How can I create a new action?
To create a new action, when no actions appear in the Projects and Actions list you can click in the "Create New Action" area at the top of the screen (or press TAB+N) to open up the quick action box.  Any items typed in this box will appear in your inbox and at the top of your Projects and Actions list.

Q: Can I email tasks to GTDNext?
A: Yes, you can email tasks to from your existing account email.  Or you can create a unique email address in the settings menu that allows you to send an email to your inbox from any email account.  Please see this blog article for more information on this feature 
A few important notes about this feature:  Please make sure you use all lower case for the email address.  It will not go through if you do no use all lowercase.  Also, attachments over 2 megs can cause issues with the mail system, so please strip out any attachments over 2 megs.  

Q: How do I enter in a GTD style "context" for my tasks?
A: In GTDNext we utilize tags for context's.  Tags are more flexible than straight context's.  So they can be used both to identify the context of the tasks, but also for many other uses. To create a new tag, just type it into the tag field in the edit panel.  After that you can just type the first few characters and pick it from the list.  Tags can be deleted from the "Tag" menu on the left pane.

Q: How do I get rid of the introductory video that shows up in my account?
A: The video will go away after you reach 100 items in your account

Q: Can I sort the items in my account?
A:  You can manually sort the items by using the drag feature to order the items any way you want.  This works in the Project and Actions view, the Focus view and the Next Action View.  

Q: How and when can I drag items?
A: You can drag (drag and drop) items while in Projects and Actions view, Next Actions view and Focus view.  To drag an item place your mouse anywhere on the item that does not have text. Then click and hold your mouse and drag the item.  

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