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How to enter tasks in "Projects and Actions" view

GTDNext uses an outline view to make action entry fast and efficient.

Using an outline editor is very simple, but there are a few keystrokes you need to learn.

Here is a quick list of the common keys you will need to use:
  • Press ENTER at the end of a line to create a new line
  • PRESS TAB to indent to make the current item a "child" of the item above it.  
  • Press SHIFT+TAB to out-dent and move the item back to the left.  
  • Press END to quickly move to the end of a line to quickly press ENTER
  • Press the UP and DOWN keys to quickly navigate throughout your outline of projects and actions
  • Press CTRL+SHIFT+UP or DOWN to move items up and down the outline in the Projects and Actions view
Here is a short video demonstrating entering actions and projects into the "Projects and Actions" outline view.  It is best watched in full screen mode. 

Note: The video shows an earlier build where "Projects and Actions" was called "All Projects".  The functionality shown is the same.

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