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How to Use GTDNext

Getting Started

Before you start using GTDNext

  • Create Areas of Focus (Work, Personal, etc) using the Area link in the left panel
After you have your areas you can follow the five stages of mastering your workflow using GTDNext as follows:


  • Add items to your inbox by emailing from the email account you registered your account
  • You can also create up to five custom emails that can be used from any email account. Go to setting inside the app to create these emails. 
  • Or click in the "Create new action" text box on the top bar of the app to quickly add items to the inbox  (or press TAB+N) 


  • All items added to the inbox appear on the top of your project list automatically
  • Use the "Projects and Actions" list to edit your projects and actions - Are they active, waiting or to be done someday?
  • Watch this tip video for a good overview of processing your inbox.


  • Use the "Projects and Actions" view to organize your projects and actions
  • Easily add projects and sub-projects to give your projects structure
  • The top most action in each project or sub-project is automatically marked as your "Next Action"
  • Use the edit pane to add tags and select the Area for your projects, sub-projects and actions
  • Use the Action mode under advanced settings to turn a node into a checklist.  All items beneath will be checklist items.  


  • Use the "Next Action" list to view all your next actions - Filter this list by Area of Tag.
  • You can click the "Focus" icon to add the item to your Focus List


  • Work out of your next action list or from the focus list if you want to concentrate on the most important items
  • As you complete actions you can check them off
  • You can view your completed items in project view by selecting the filter button at the top right of the project view

Video Walk-through

The below video provides a complete walk-through of GTDNext. (Watch in full screen mode)

Keyboard Shortcuts

A few of the many keyboard shortcut keys we offer:
Press TAB+N to open the Create New Action quick entry pane
Press TAB+Q, W or E to focus on the first, second or third window pane
Press TAB+P to open or close the Edit pane
Press TAB+1 to 9 to jump to a different list
Complete list of keyboard shortcuts can be found inside the app on the left panel

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