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Offline Mode Details

Offline mode added to GTDNext September 16th, 2018 allows GTDNext to function without a connection to the internet.

When GTDNext is functioning in offline mode all changes made in the app are stored unencrypted in the browser local storage object.  

Now when you don't have an internet connection GTDnext will allow you to use the app fully. Create new actions, edit others and mark them as done. As soon as you are back online GTDNext will sync with the server, and all your devices will be in sync.

Benefits of Offline Mode:

  • If your internet connection is spotty or goes down, you can still have access to your tasks.
  • If GTDNext goes down for a few minutes for maintenance, you won't even notice anymore.
  • If you use GTDNext on your phone, you don't need coverage to see or add to your tasks!
Offline vs Online Mode:
  • At the top left of the screen, you can see what mode GTDNext is currently functioning in. 
  • Green indicates online and syncing with the cloud.
  • Red means offline and storing changes locally until a connection is available.

Note it is important to log out to erase your browser's cache when using a public computer.  

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