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Keyboard Shortcuts

Global Shortcuts

  • Press TAB+Q to focus on the left navigation sidebar
  • Press TAB+W to focus on the center panel
  • Press TAB+E to set focus on the right edit window
  • Press TAB+P to open/close the right panel
  • Press TAB+Right Arrow to move from the current window pane to the next pane on the right
  • Press TAB+Left Arrow to move to from the current windows to the pane on the left
  • Press TAB+N to open the "Quick Inbox Action" dialog box
  • Press TAB+1 through 8 to change to one of the lists in the left navigation pane.  Starting from top to bottom

Left Navigation Area Shortcuts

  • Press UP ARROW to move focus up one list
  • Press DOWN ARROW to move focus down one list
  • Press ENTER to select the current list

Center Pane Shortcuts

  • Press TAB to indent
  • Press SHIFT+TAB to outdent
  • Press ENTER to start a new action at the current level of indent
  • Press SHIFT+ENTER to enter notes for the item
  • Press CTRL + UP Arrow to collapse current project
  • Press CTRL + DOWN Arrow to expand current project
  • Press CTRL + ENTER to mark an items as complete or incomplete
  • Press CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER to mark an item as canceled 
  • Press CTRL + Mouse click on an item to zoom focus to that item
  • Press END (or CMD + Right Arrow on Mac) to go to end of line
  • Press ALT+RIGHT ARROW to Focus on an item.  (Zoom feature) On Mac this is COMMAND+RIGHT ARROW
  • Press ALT+LEFT ARROW to un-zoom go up a level of zoom.  On Mac this is COMMAND+LEFT ARROW

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